• Different raw materials (sugarcane bagasse,corrugated paper pulp, bamboo pulp and other natural plant fibre) are available for customized packaging.

  • All regular products with existing molds are made-to-order with MOQ limit as we don't have stock. For customized styles, we accept smaller quantity.


To intergrate the whole supply chain to provide adequate choices for each product; To ensure quality and delivery of large orders with lower risk; To enable small quantity customization.


Better quality,better price and better service.



  • You are not familiar with molded pulp industry and process
  • You are far away and looking for efficient communication
  • You are a trading company bored with coordinating with different factories
  • You are a start-up company striving for a factory taking small order
  • Your have very big order but you think it is too risky to put in one factory
  • Your orders are in different factories but quality is not consistent
Our sales and CS team are equipped with professonal technical know-how
We accept small orders for customized new developments.
We have integrated relevant packaging factories around us to meet different requirements.
All designing/molding/sampling are done by Kinyi and we controlled the manufacuring technical data
We provide quality standards and assign our own technicians to associated factories to monitor the manufacturing to make sure quality is consitent.
We specialize in molded pulp industry for years and we are very experienced